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Client: Nadia Miano – Napoli (NA) 09/2021

Client: Nadia Miano
Napoli (NA) 09/2021

Club Mundi is situated amongst colours and scents of the bewitching Naples promenade. The interior designer Nadia Miano commissioned this project to give substance and uniformity to the ideas and feelings she had for this space which needed to be given new life. This led to the creation of several renders, highlighting the effectiveness of the union of ideas between the interior designer and our artists in order to satisfy the owners’ requests and show them the overall idea.

The fundamental aim was to highlight the emotions and vibrations that a club of this type should be able to convey, while emphasising the concepts of elegance and style. To achieve this goal, the artist’s focus was on the materials and their conceptual proximity to nature which is the beating heart of the entire project. From the complete gallery of photo renderings, the keystones of this project are evident: the liveliness and freshness of the environment provided by the neon lights behind the counter, and the sobriety represented by the colours and mirrors enclosed in splendid frames.

Every element and material was chosen to give a sophisticated style to the place. The warm light of the wicker lamps, the dark wood and the strong colours of the walls contribute to a cosy atmosphere and, together with the plant elements, recall the now widespread concept of biophilia, i.e. man’s deep connection with nature. In addition, the floral ornaments on the walls of the different rooms create continuity and homogeneity, as well as a pleasant contrast to the intensity of the colours of the walls and elements.

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