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Client: Roberto Pazzi – Viggiù (VA) 08/2021

Client: Roberto Pazzi
Viggiù (VA) 08/2021

Faced with the need to obtain approval from city hall for his redevelopment project on this building in the province of Varese, engineer Roberto Pazzi asked our team to create a 3D render of the exterior. Our common goal was to represent as realistically as possible a design of this apartment building under renovation  according to the latest eco-sustainability measures. The rendering service was essential to represent what the final result of the project would be in a concrete way.

The initial request was for 3D renderings of exteriors to show not only the overall appearance of the building, but also how all the elements, such as solar panels, electric car charging stations, shutters and garage doors, would be positioned. The engineer provided us with all the necessary information, the design and some quick sketches through which our team modelled the final work.

Despite the extremely tight timeframe, the outcome fulfilled client’s needs and opened the door to other commissions for the concierge and flat interiors. Our photorealistic renderings highlighted the merits of the renovation according to sustainable standards. They also showed how elements such as solar panels which are often considered intrusive, can blend in perfectly with the aesthetics of the facade and the surroundings without spoiling their appearance.

"With very little time at disposal, they managed to carry out a job that exceeded expectations. Well done!"


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