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Villa Laura Bologna esterno 2

Villa Laura


The gentle green hills of Bologna are the setting of this wonderful 3D rendering project in which the key words are: beauty, creativity and functionality

Club Mundi

NAPOLI 09/21

A new and modern face for this sophisticated club on the Neapolitan seafront where the main inspiration comes from the unequivocal elegance of nature

Club Mundi Napoli - 3D Render 1
Palazzo Marconi Milano - Render esterno 2

Palazzo Marconi

VARESE 08/21

An interesting redevelopment project which shows this condominium keeping in step with the times, where eco-sustainability and aesthetics are the main key points.

Residence Verdi

ITALIA 07/21

Clean lines and light effects bolster this private residence project, aiming to create harmony between contemporary taste and nature.

Residence Verdi Esterno notte 1


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