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Client: Enzo Leonardo Patanè – Italy (IT) 07/2021

Client: Enzo Leonardo Patanè
Italy (IT) 07/2021

Imagine a villa in Italy, large spaces to be enhanced with taste and elegance, a wonderful view to be connected and included in the final vision of a house project. The architect Enzo Leonardo Patanè, an expert in his field and well known in Italy and abroad, decided to rely on our team of experts to collaborate and create the perfect union between art, architecture and nature. The client wanted to create an intimate and personal space that would elegantly tell the story of his life and be able to convey the tranquility of a domestic environment, while maintaining a modern and fresh style that is able to blend with the external environment without being intrusive.

The workflow was laborious but led to great results which were aligned to the client’s ideas and were in harmony with the environment. The 3D renders were made with different lighting conditions to better enhance the coexistence of nature with the project and to allow the client’s complete immersion in the final idea with the purpose of illustrating the connection between his vision and our abilities. Structure and interior architecture contributed to creating interesting light effects that perfectly match the colours and materials making the environment airy and hospitable. The connection between interiors and exteriors, facilitated by the large windows that allow natural light to invade the spaces, can be enjoyed thanks to the comfortable leisure area.

In order to meet the client’s vision, in the 3D renders we have made precise interior design choices, favouring natural materials such as wood and stone which recaptures the warmth of the domestic nest while maintaining the freshness and linearity through modern and colorful furniture details. These break the neutral tones without creating chromatic alterations in the overall view of the rooms. Our team has chosen to enhance the open space between the kitchen and dining room by maintaining light colours to illuminate the rooms, enhanced by precise and original furniture choices. The exterior is designed as a mix between functionality and aesthetics, a basic guideline in our work, always in line with the needs and tastes of the customer.

"Truly amazing results, Great job! As said, will definetly contact you again."







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