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Client: Zini Elio srl – Bologna (BO) 10/2021

Client: Zini Elio srl
Bologna (BO) 10/2021

This photographic rendering project was commissioned by the renowned construction company Zini Elio, which has been operating throughout Italy for almost 50 years, establishing itself as a leading company in the field. Before proceeding with the renovation, they decided to rely on our team to create a 360° project together for this historic, semi-detached villa. By making precise design choices, it was possible to shed light on the building and create not only static photorealistic interior and exterior renderings, but also a virtual tour. This represents an incredible marketing tool for the company, which gives them the opportunity to show clients the project through complete immersion in the settings allowing a true virtual visit; an unparalleled competitive advantage.

The development of the project was very stimulating for our artists, who had complete freedom of expression in their interior design choices. They created functional rooms suitable for the everyday life of a family without ever losing sight of the importance of aesthetics. This was achieved by a choice of a furnishing style that helped to create an elegant dichotomy between antique and modern, contributing to the originality of the whole. The virtual tour played a decisive role by allowing the observer to imagine himself in the spaces, visualize the details and even smell the scents of the vegetation surrounding the building

With this in mind, our landscape artist, specialist in 3D design of vegetation and exteriors, and Léandre, a magician of realism in 3D renderings, created a true masterpiece by constructing the environments and the flora of the site detail by detail in an extremely meticulous way. The final project, therefore, brings to light the environments in their entirety by uniting the interiors with the exteriors and providing the client with an overall image of the project, which has been transformed from an ancient dream immersed in the flourishing hills of Bologna into a living, contemporary reality. Neutral colours and clean lines connect the interiors, elegantly assembled in the bucolic landscape that welcomes Villa Laura.

"Thanks Roman, the seriousness and the competence demonstrated by your company have been very useful for the development of the design and new ideas. Keep it up! Good Guys."


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